School Entry Requirements


The State Immunization Board determines immunization requirements for school entry. Immunization records should be presented to the school staff at the time of enrollment. Please communicate promptly with school staff if your child has not completed the required immunizations.

Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

The Board of Education recognizes that tuberculosis poses a public health threat. Treatment of active cases of this disease is the most effective means of controlling its spread.  The County Public Health Officer requires tuberculosis testing, and follow-up if appropriate, before students enter school.  All students entering the school district must provide proof of a recent TB skin test.

School Entry Requirements

Immunization Doses
Polio At least 3 doses. The third or LAST dose must be administered on or after the 4th birthday, If not, one additional dose is required. If 4 doses before 4th birthday, no more needed.
DPT/TD At least 4 doses. The fourth or LAST does must be administered on or after the 4th birthday. If not, one additional dose is required.
MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) Two doses required. The first dose must be on or after first birthday.
Hepatitis B Three doses required
Varicella 1 dose required (or show proof that child has had chickenpox). SLO County Health Department recommends 2 doses.


REMINDER: All 7th Grade students must have a Tdap (Whooping cough ‘Pertussis’) shot before  starting the school year.  Any new student to the district, entering 7th – 12th grade must have proof of a Tdap shot.      

To make appointments for immunizations or learn more about specific requirements contact the San Luis Public Health Department at 805-781-5500 or visit .


There are two types of exemptions allowed by the California School Immunization Law.  Your child may be exempt because of a medical condition.  If so, you must present a statement signed by your doctor stating the medical problem, which immunizations your child cannot receive, and if the problem is temporary or permanent.  This statement is kept in the school files.

If immunizations are against your personal or religious belief, you MUST SIGN A STATEMENT TO THIS EFFECT AT SCHOOL.  
If your child is exempt and there is a disease outbreak, the school may be ordered by the Health Department to temporarily exclude your child for his/her protection.


Your child is required to have a health check-up sometime during the 18 months before entering first grade.  You may wish to have this done when getting boosters for kindergarten entrance.  Some lower income families can obtain boosters and the check-up free or at reduced cost. Information is available in the office.


Your child is required to have a dental check-up by May 31 of his/her first year in public school.  Please ask your dentist to complete the Oral Health Assessment form and return to our office.  If your child had a dental check-up in the 12 months before he/she started school, ask you dentist to fill out Section 2.  

Oral Health Assessment  Form