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Don Adams
Director of Maintenance, Operations & Transportation


Management Plan for Asbestos

In 1985, Congress passed the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). That law requires all schools, kindergarten through twelfth grade, to be inspected to identify any asbestos-containing building materials. The law further requires the development of a Management Plan, based upon the findings of the inspection, which outlines the school district's intent in controlling the potential for exposure to asbestos fibers in the schools.

In the past, asbestos was used extensively in building materials because of its insulating and fire retarding capabilities. Virtually any building built before the late 1970's contains at least some asbestos in pipe insulation and structural fireproofing.

The inspection of the schools is complete and some asbestos-containing materials were identified in our buildings. The materials are distributed in various locations and include floor tiles, pipe insulations and mechanical areas not readily accessible to building occupants or students. We have no deteriorating or damaged asbestos-containing materials.

Our Management Plan has been completed and submitted to the State. It outlines, in detail, the methods we will use to monitor and maintain the materials in a safe manner.

A copy of the Management Plan for each school, including a copy of individual building inspection reports, is on file in the school's office.



Pesticide Use

The District is providing the name of all pesticide products expected to be applied at school facilities this school year. That identification includes the name and active ingredients. Only fully-certified pesticides can be used on school grounds.

Those who wish to receive notification of pesticide applications at a particular school or facility, should provide six self addressed, stamped envelopes or an e-mail address to: IPM Coordinator, 1350 Main Street, Cambria, CA 93428.

Further information is available from the California Department of Pesticide Regulations, P.O. Box 4015, Sacramento, CA 95812-4015, [E.C. 17610.1(ne)].

Product Active Ingredients
Cooks Gopher Bait Strychnine
Round-Up Pro Glyphosate
Trax Liquid (ant bait) Boric Acid

Triclopyr-2-butoxyethal Ester, Ethylene Glycomonobutyl Esther

Further information regarding our District schools, programs, policies, and procedures is available to any interested person upon request to our District Office [E.C. 48209.13, FERPA, 34 CFR Section 99.7b)].

Updated 8/23/2018