Meal Prices 2018-2019

Grammar School - $3.00
Middle/High School - $3.50
Reduced (if qualified) - $.40
Second Student Meal - $3.50
Adult Meal - $4.00

Grammar School - $2.25
Middle/High School - $2.25
Reduced (if qualified) - $0.30
Second Student Meal - $2.25
Adult Meal - $3.00

Pre-Payment Options

Take advantage of the option to prepay your student’s meal account. Prepaid meal accounts help the lunch lines go faster and give students more time to eat, relax, and play.

Any number of meals can be prepaid and may be used at any time during the school year. Middle and High School students may also use account funds to purchase a la carte snacks and beverages. Any remaining balance of unused funds will be carried over to the next school year, unless a written or e-mailed refund request is submitted to Food and Nutrition Services. 

1). Pay with Cash or Check
Turn in a payment via cash or check to your child’s school office or directly to the Cafeteria cashier. Please write checks payable to your school site or CUSD and include student name and/or PIN number on the memo line.

2). Pay Online with MySchoolBucks
Use MySchoolBucks to manage your child's cafeteria account, make payments, view purchase history, receive low balance alerts, and/or set up automatic payments. 


New users: To create an account, please use your child’s legal name and provide a student ID number.

Unpaid Meal Charges

Outstanding meal debt is required to be paid to the Cafeteria meal fund account at the end of the school year. If parents/guardians do not pay for meal charges incurred by their children, we must recover the funds through other district sources; these monies typically come from the district’s General Fund. By applying the meal charge policy below, our hope is that no meal debts will go unpaid and all general fund monies will go toward our students’ educational experience. 

Please contact us to discuss payment plan options.