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Associated Student Body ASB

Our ASB team is very excited for the 2013-2014 school year!

This year our theme is “CHANGE” 

We believe in the students at Coast Union can be the change that they want to see in the world, so we have dedicated this year to accepting, embracing and taking a leading role in change. 


Calender of Events


17 – Winter Formal


26  Wintertainment

14  V -Day Activities

14   Grad Nite 1st Payment


8         Spring Sports Rally

11-15 Spring Spirit Week

14      Grad Nite 2nd Payment 

24-28 ASB Elections


10  Prom Expo

25 Grad Nite Payment


10     Prom                                                        

27-30 Summer Kick off

29   Powderbuff Vball

30   Finale Dance

15    8th grade orientation


4- Academic Awards

5 -Grad Nite

12 – Graduation

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Advisor: Darcy Dobrec

Executive Officers:

President: Alex De Alba

Vice-President: Courtney Castle

Secretary: Ariel Bruce

Treasurer: Michele Gonzalez


Athletic: Gehrig Kniffen & Becky Adams

Public Relations: Yvette Casas

Spirit: Callie Cashdan & Cameron McTavish

Special Events: Carson Pierce & Taye Bernritter

Student Services: Itzel Saavedra

Historian: Renee Johnson

Technical: Bihn Trieu & Danny Rodriguez

Senior Class Officers:

President: Alan Hernandez

Vice-President: Quinten Raethke

Treasurer/ Secretary: Oscar Catalan

Junior Class Officers:

President: Crystal Nunez

Vice-President: Valeria Sanchez

Treasurer/ Secretary: Maria Figueroa

Sophomore Class Officers:

President: Jacob Wright

Vice-President: Katrina Cleave

Treasurer/ Secretary: Angel Gonzalez

Freshmen Class Representatives:

 Anna Harrington & Margaret Hall

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