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District Phone System

Following are links to documentation for the VOIP phone system:

Quick User Guide for Staff

Quick User Guide for Site Secretaries and Clerks

Core User Guide


Q: Why can’t I dial outside the district?
A: You no longer need to dial a 9 before making a call outside of CUSD.

Q: Why can’t I call an area code outside of 805?
A: Not only do you not dial a 9, you also do not dial a 1 before dialing to another area code.

Q: What’s the deal with the scrolling “22 new missed calls” on the display?
A: Those will have to be viewed before they will go away; they are the notification of callers who didn’t leave a voicemail. If you hit thedDown arrow, it should bring up your missed calls and stop the scrolling. If hitting the down arrow does not work, you can go through the menu: Menu >> Features >> Call Lists >> Missed Calls.

Q: Why do I have a red light that won’t go away?
A. That usually means there is either new voicemail or missed call or both and you will need to check/erase them for the light to go away!

Q: How do I leave a voicemail directly on a recipient’s phone without ringing the phone?
A:  To bypass the phone ring, dial 0 then after a short pause dial the extension to go directly to a recipient’s voicemail.

Q: How do I send a transfer call directly to a voicemail?
A: To transfer a call directly to a user’s voicemail press transfer, then 0, short pause, and then the extension. For example, if the extension is 1111 you will hit the “transfer – 0 (pause) 1111 – transfer”. This will not ring the extension’s phone.





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