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Coast Unified School District Creates Safe Mobile Learning For Students

Excitement grows as Coast Unified prepares to start the school year with an innovative learning plan.

In taking steps to become a leader in innovative 21st century learning, Coast Unified School District is using allocated funds to purchase 390 iPad2’s. This is an exciting move for the district as it will open up many new learning opportunities for students. CUSD is committed to ensuring this investment in technology is a true investment in students, by creating an engaging learning environment and advancing educational outcomes. The goal of the mobile learning program is to prepare CUSD students to become digital content creators-truly taking ownership of their learning experience and creating a positive digital footprint. Mobile devices are being used more and more in schools across the country and CUSD is pleased to be one of the first of their peer districts to incorporate the devices. They allow teachers to utilize engaging content and curriculum and allow students to become anytime, anywhere learners.

“We are thrilled about this new learning opportunity,” shares Henry Danielson, Director of Information Technology at Coast Unified. “Our goal is to equip our students with tools necessary to succeed in this digital world. We know that by incorporating these iPads into the classroom and by creating a safe mobile learning program, students at CUSD will benefit from a truly engaging and dynamic learning environment.”

In order to ensure Coast Unified’s mobile learning program is successful, the iPads need to be educational tools, not just classroom distractions, and the district is committed to making sure this holds true. With proper control and management, these mobile devices can be powerful learning tools for the students-equipping them now with the skills they need to prepare for a digital future. CUSD will be using Mobile Manager from Lightspeed Systems to easily and effectively manage the iPads distributed throughout the district-with a focus on student safety and maximizing the learning potential of these devices.

Mobile devices can revolutionize learning for students and CUSD is excited to see this first-hand. Content becomes more engaging, curriculum is current and applicable, student collaboration can take place, learning can occur outside the classroom walls, and the digital divide can be conquered. However, for all of this to happen the students and devices need to be safe and the content needs to be strictly educational and appropriate for school. By using Mobile Manager, CUSD is showing their commitment to student safety. Designed specifically for schools, Mobile Manager provides CUSD IT staff with education-specific tools and hierarchical policy settings, making management of the iPads simple, keeping devices and the network safe, and ensuring the mobile learning programs is successful.

Coast Unified is working together with Lightspeed Systems to accomplish amazing things in the classroom. To get ready for the new year and to utilize Mobile Manger, CUSD is installing a next generation Rocket appliance from Lightspeed Systems. The high-speed filtering solution creates a single point of management for the IT staff at CUSD. With the Lightspeed Rocket, Coast Unified is dedicated to using a web filter designed specifically for schools-showing their commitment to putting students first and creating a safe online learning environment.

Coast Unified District’s iPad program is an important step in preparing students for their future. Mobile devices are changing the education industry, from textbooks to curriculum, and CUSD is excited to incorporate this powerful learning tool in the classroom.

About Lightspeed Systems

To us, education isn’t an industry; it’s a passion. Our solutions make it safe, secure, and easy for IT staff to give users access to resources that make learning engaging, collaborative—and real.

Since 1999, Lightspeed Systems has been partnering with, listening to, and supporting IT staff in schools—making their day-to-day tasks manageable and their educational goals reachable. Today our solutions are used in more than 2,800 school districts for more than 9 million students. Our products have won numerous awards and our company has been recognized on the Inc. 5,000 list as one of the fastest-growing private companies for the last five years. But more than what we’ve done, we’re interested in what we can do, together: transform education. For more information, call 661-716-7600, or visit

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