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 Mission/Vision/Purpose statement for our department, : Technology Department commits to: *be knowledgeable of cutting edge technology *provide exceptional customer service *drive technological innovation in the classroom

Henry Danielson: Director of Technology

Patti Stroh: Computer Technician

Sean Spradley: Technology Coordinator

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A generation is about 20 years. The daughter/son becomes the mother/father. Then the Internet hit in 1996 and “internet time” was invented. A generation then was about 3 years. That is, in the desktop world, a software application might go three years (or more) before it was revised. Nope, those three years were compressed into 1 year. A three year old website would be stale and uninteresting if it went three years without change. Now, we have “mobile time” where a whole generation is at max 1 year. Last year’s apps are passé — they are oh so yesterday. On “mobile time” we see mobile apps evolving even faster than software did on “internet time.”
Elliot Soloway, International Society for Technology in Education

Computer Science Online recently published a new guidebook, Women Wanted: Scholarships, Colleges, and Careers in Computer Science. This guidebook provides an extensive list resources and tools that can help women adamantly pursue education and careers in technology fields. You can find this guide here:

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