Leffingwell High School

Home of the Pioneers

Leffingwell High School, which is a Model ,,Continuation School, continues to offer a rich curriculum that provides students with academic instruction that is standards-based, rich elective offerings and strong school-to-career connections.  Although enrollment is less than 30, and there is only one full time and two part time teachers, we offer a full curriculum.  Students must complete 270 credits for graduation with 30 credits of vocational experience and 10 credits of service learning.


Cambria Community Day School

Our Goals

The goals of the CCDS include the development of student assets, leading to increased resiliency and success. We seek to teach and to empower students to attain educational standards and proficiencies, and to progress toward graduation. We strive to identify and acknowledge personal and academic strengths, and to provide remedial education, as needed. We promote the skills and competencies and academic progress that would allow the student to return to a traditional school setting, should they so desire. We have as a goal the development of social skills and positive school behaviors, addressing the individual obstacles to school success. It is one of our goals to teach and promote healthy choices and a sense of personal power and responsibility. It is our goal to teach good citizenship and a sense of community. We aim to provide preparation for post-graduation life goals and endeavors, and the skills and tools to become productive members of society.

Independent Study

Coast Unified School District runs two programs for students who choose to learn independently. The K-8 Home Independent Study Program provides instructional support to parents who choose to teach thier children at home. A certified teacher and free district curriculum provide parents with the resources to meet thier needs and state attendance requirements.

The Secondary Independent Study Program is evolving into a high quality alternative high school scheduled to open in Fall 2005. For more information, frequently check back to this page.

Cambria Adult School

Cambria Adult School serves the area by providing classes in English as a Second Language and various classes for adults such as computer or art classes.  Classes are generally held at Leffingwell High School located at 2820 Santa Rosa Creek Road, Cambria.  Call 927-7148 for more information. 

For parents interested in ESL Classes, child care is provided at the school.

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